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HINT: It's very common

Hello! My name is Chinelo and I'm the founder of Good Cake Day (a luxury cake business in London, UK) and GCD Academy. When I started Good Cake Day, I would price my cakes by asking my friends and family how much they would pay for a cake. I would also ask bakers in online cake forums how much they would charge/charged for the cakes I wanted to make. These bakers lived all over the world with situations, goals and responsibilities different to mine. Yet, I accepted their advice as relevant to my unique business and would price my cakes accordingly. The result? I was charging £30 - £35 for my 6 inch cakes, attracting bargain hunting customers and making a HUGE LOSS in my business. Sure, I was "making money" but I couldn't invest in my business and my business wasn't growing. Frankly, I had an EXPENSIVE HOBBY.

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

You can price your cakes with confidence, attract Super Customers (i.e. good-fit customers), earn a decent living and build a high-end cake business. I want to teach you how I went from selling 6 inch cakes for £35 to £265 with customers paying over £100 to have my cakes delivered to them outside London.

Introducing Sales and Profit Magnet

The SALES & PROFIT MAGNET SYSTEM is a comprehensive cake pricing system that helps cake business owners struggling with pricing learn how to create an effective cake pricing strategy unique to their business so they can build a high end cake business that is profitable.

Sales & Profit Magnet is for you if you are a new/established cake business owner and

  • You are often asking people how they price their cakes so you can price yours accordingly

  • Don't know how to confidently price your cakes for profit

  • You're making a lot of cakes but can't seem to earn a decent living from your cake business or have enough money to invest in and grow your business

  • You want to build a high-end cake business but don't know how

If you're nodding your head to any of these, the Sales & Profit Magnet course could be perfect for you. I've been where you are and I've created what I wish I'd had, back in the day. This is why I created the Sales & Profit Magnet System, which I teach in this course. Let me tell you more about my Sales & Profit Magnet System because I'm really excited about helping you start pricing your cakes with confidence. When you register for the course, you will learn:
  • How to master your craft and the importance of carving a niche for yourself in a saturated market

  • How to create and understand your business model and why it is an integral part of your pricing strategy

  • Who your Super Customer (i.e. good fit customer) is

  • How to brand your cake business to attract your Super Customer

  • The importance of having a value mindset and why that positively affects your pricing

  • How to accurately and effectively know and account for your costs including a a copy of the GCD Pricing Calculator for immediate download, which you can tailor to your business

What Happens When You Learn HOW To Price Your Cakes?

  • Your pricing is unique to your business and accounts for your unique situation (no more asking bakers with different business models how to price cakes in your unique business)

  • You price your cakes with confidence (no more quivering with anxiety over sending an invoice)

  • You earn a decent living from your cake business (no more wondering where the money you made selling cakes went at the end of the month)

  • You start making a profit in your cake business, which means you can reinvest in and grow your business

  • You attract super customers who value and appreciate your work (no more bargain hunters)

Bonus material (worth £275)

In addition to the course content, you will also receive the following:

  • PDF Worksheets

    Every section comes with downloadable worksheets to help you put into practice what you have learnt.

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

    One of the biggest benefits is membership of our ONLINE GCD ACADEMY Power Group. It's a Facebook group and then some. Imagine a place where you can network and connect with fellow cake business owners from around the world but who all have the same ambition - to price their cakes with confidence and build a high end cake businesses. I'm going to be spending time in there to help you and I can't wait. I have lots planned.

  • Discounts with my suppliers

    Over the years I've built good relationships with suppliers of cake decorating tools and materials. From Cake-Stuff to Box Secure, I've negotiated great discounts for you.

Why Listen to me?

Founder, Good Cake Day & GCD Academy Chinelo Awa

My name is Chinelo and I'm a luxury cake artist based in South London, with a flair for harnessing minimalist opulence to design whimsically romantic buttercream cakes. I founded my home-based cake business, Good Cake Day, in 2016 and left my legal career in 2020 to move my business into commercial premises and focus on caking full time. My clients range from yummy mummies and high-flying boss babes to members of Royal Families. I set up GCD Academy in 2020 to help home bakers LEARN new skills, EARN more from their cake business and ENJOY their lives as a result. I can't wait to help you discover your potential and change your life.

Course curriculum

    1. What to expect :)

    1. Master Your Craft

    1. Define Your Business Model

    1. Know your Super Customer

    1. Market to your super customer

    1. Have a Value Mindset

About this course

  • £99.00
  • 12 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

Got Questions? Read this!

  • Is the Sales & Profit Magnet System Right For Me?

    The Sales & Profit Magnet System is for you if you are a cake business owner, who struggles with pricing your cakes and need a pricing strategy that is unique to your business and helps you price your cakes with confidence so that you can make a decent living from your business, start making a profit and build a high-end cake business.

  • What is the Difference between the Cake Costing Guru Course and the Sales & Profit Magnet Course?

    Good question! I can see how it would be confusing. The Sales & Profit Magnet course is a comprehensive road map for building a high-end cake business, which includes the Good Cake Day Pricing Calculator. It is ideal for someone starting from ground zero. The Cake Costing Guru is ideal if you already have a comprehensive grasp of the elements I teach on the Sales & Profit Magnet course (see the curriculum for details) and only need the Good Cake Day Pricing Calculator.

  • I Don't Want A High-End Cake Business But I Need Help With Pricing My Cakes. Will I Benefit From This Course?

    The Sales & Profit Magnet course will work for you even if you don't want to build a high-end cake business. At its core, it's a system that helps you develop a pricing strategy that is tailored to your unique business model.

  • When Does The Course Start?

    Once your payment clears, you get immediate access to the course and can learn to price your cakes with confidence today.

  • I don't live in the United Kingdom. Will I benefit from the Sales & Profit Magnet course??

    Absolutely! I teach you how to build a pricing strategy that is unique to your situation using my pricing system. I make UK references on the course but the principles are universal.

  • I just Launched My Cake Business, Will Sales & Profit Magnet System Work For Me?

    Yes it will. The Sales & Profit Magnet System is a system I wish I had when I started Good Cake Day. It will help you start out on the right footing so that you start your cake business with a pricing system that is tailored to your business. You will also learn to price your cakes with confidence from the get-go. A plus in my books!

  • I don't have a cake business. Will this work for me?

    Depending on the type of business you have, you may need to tweak the Pricing Calculator to suit your business. However, the business evaluation and development sections of the Sales & Profit Magnet online course applies to any type of business. If in doubt, please email me at to discuss your unique situation.

Look what Vivian who had early access to my Sales & Profit Magnet Course had to say

Really Easy to Use

Vivian Ebillah, Nomie's Kitchen

It's really easy to use and it's not just for cake pricing. I've used it for my entire business, where in addition to cakes, I make different tasty African dishes and the system works across board. Aside from getting my pricing right, I found that it also helped me focus on the value I offer my customers by working on portion control control and recipe development. It gets you to think deeply and delve into the granular details of your business operations.
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