• Would you like to learn quick and easy ways to take your cakes from meh to wow?

  • Would you like to work with rice paper in your cake projects?

  • Do you want to learn to easily adapt your rice paper designs to fit any cake project?

I get it

Learning new cake decorating skills can be time consuming.

So if you've struggled to find a quick and easy way to work with rice paper, you are NOT alone. It's tricky to know where to start. It's even harder when a Google search for rice paper for cake design results in information about wafer paper :( Imagine if you didn't have to spend hours o Google trying to find rice paper tutorials  Imagine if you could create 3 stunning rice paper decorations, designed in your style, for your customers, in as little as 5 minutes


Rice paper can be your cake decorating secret weapon that allows you create unique and show stopping designs. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

I've decorated cakes for over 6 years, whilst juggling a full time job and family commitments before finally going full time last year. In that period, I mastered quick cake decorating hacks down to a fine art. In my experience, rice paper is one of the most versatile, easy to use, adaptable and time saving cake decorating materials I use for my designs. And now, I'm going to show you how to use it to achieve stunning results in your cake projects.
QUICK & EASY RICE PAPER DESIGNS is my easy to follow online course designed to show you how to work with rice paper and create three quick and easy designs. You will learn to make a rice paper sail, rice paper bow and rice paper cracker sail. My aim is simple, helping you learn quick and easy ways to decorate your cakes using rice paper.

What cake makers are saying

  • Felis Bella Cakes 

    Wow... it was very very educational and I loved it. Learned a lot. Loved the tips and tricks. Loved the fact that they were all short and precise videos as I am a visual learner. Greatttttttttttttt job. Love it. Money well invested.

  • Mayou Aniche    

    Everything was well explained. The explanations were clear, easy to follow and very informative. You really opened my mind to more techniques I can use rice paper for and your teaching is superb!!! I would definitely do another online class if you have any in the future. Thanks for the extra knowledge.

  • Maureen Omenye 

    I learnt so much, it was fun...I didn't want the class to end, Thank you so much Good Cake Day for the class, I can't wait to be in another class with you!!!                   

Course curriculum

    1. Downloadable reading material

    1. Preparing your Rice Paper

    1. Colouring your Rice Paper

    1. How to Make a Rice Paper Cracker Sail

    1. How to Make a Rice Paper Sail

About this course

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  • 9 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content


Hello, I'm Chinelo Awa and I know what it's like to have so much to do with so little time and still need to turn a profit. I've made the mistakes, bought the books, watched the YouTube videos, paid for multiple courses and read the blog posts to become adept at saving time on cake projects without compromising on design. even better, I love teaching YOU how to do it, too. My cakes have been seen in You & Your Wedding, Stylist Magazine, London Evening Standard, British Vogue and Love My Dress. Time for you to learn to save time without compromising on design.