What are Designer Brownies

and why should you learn to make them?

If I asked you if you know how to make brownies, as a cake maker, you would probably say yes or at the very least that you’ve tried a few recipes before. 

Why? Because Brownies are delectable morsels of crowd-pleasing chocolatey goodness. Consequently, the brownies industry, in the UK and US at least, is very saturated. A simple Google search of “chocolate brownies delivered” will leave you inundated with a myriad of search results. So how do you stand out in such a saturated market? By standing out! This is where Designer Brownies come in.

Designer Brownies are great tasting gourmet brownies with a unique identifier. A unique identifier could be the way they are decorated, a unique shape or both. 

On this course I teach you both elements of a Designer Brownie with easy to follow videos and written materials. It includes amongst other things:

  • 3 yummy Dark Chocolate Fudgy brownie recipes your customers will LOVE
  • 3 unique and stylish ways to decorate your brownies including how to make Pressed Flower Brownies without a flower press 
  • 2 ways to cut your brownies including a surprise method that is super easy, fast and very unique 

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Who am I

and why should you listen to me?

Founder, Good Cake Day & GCD Academy Chinelo Awa

My name is Chinelo and I'm a luxury cake artist based in South London, with a flair for harnessing minimalist opulence to design whimsically romantic buttercream cakes. I founded my home-based cake business, Good Cake Day, in 2016 and left my legal career in 2020 to move my business into commercial premises and focus on caking full time. My clients range from yummy mummies and high-flying boss babes to members of Royal Families. I set up GCD Academy in 2020 to help home bakers LEARN new skills, EARN more from their cake business and ENJOY their lives as a result. I can't wait to help you discover your potential and change your life.

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Who is this Course For?

Designer Brownies 101 is for you if any of the following apply to you

  • You already make brownies and want your brownies to stand out in a saturated market

  • You are new to making brownies and want to learn foolproof recipes and techniques to give you a unique advantage

  • You want a one stop shop for learning how to make and decorate brownies

  • You want to learn how to make pressed flowers brownies without using a flower press

What's Included in The Course

    1. Welcome

    2. What do you want to achieve from this course?

    3. How to use this course

    1. Choosing your Ingredients - Helpful Tips

    1. How To Line Your Baking Tin

    2. Dark Chocolate Brownie - Recipe

    3. Dark Chocolate Brownie - Video

    4. Orange Infused Dark Chocolate Brownie - Recipe

    5. Orange Infused Dark Chocolate Brownie - Video

    6. Dark Chocolate Brownie with White and Milk Chocolate Chunks - Recipe

    7. Dark Chocolate Brownie with White and Milk Chocolate Chunks - Video

    1. Gold Paint

    2. White Chocolate Drizzle

    3. How to Make Pressed Flowers

    4. Assembling Pressed Flowers on Your Brownie

    1. Cutting Your Brownie with a Knife

    2. 4 Shape Ideas using a Knife

    3. Brownie Shape Ideas with a Cookie Cutter ;)

    1. How To Store your Designer Brownies

About this course

  • £180.00
  • 22 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

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What Cake Makers Say about Our Academy

very very educational

Felis Bella Cakes, London

Wow... it was very very educational and I loved it. Learned a lot. Loved the tips and tricks. Loved the fact that they were all short and precise videos as I am a visual learner. Greatttttttttttttt job. Love it. Money well invested.

Explanations were clear, easy to follow

Mayou Aniche

Everything was well explained. The explanations were clear, easy to follow and very informative. You really opened my mind to more techniques I can use rice paper for and your teaching is superb!!! I would definitely do another online class if you have any in the future. Thanks for the extra knowledge.

I learnt so much, it was fun...

Maureen Omenye, Nigeria

I learnt so much, it was fun...I didn't want the class to end, Thank you so much Good Cake Day for the class, I can't wait to be in another class with you!!!

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SAVE 30% OFF the course with the code EARLYRBIRD


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