Introducing the GCD Pricing Calculator

The GCD PRICING CALCULATOR is a brilliant resource for seamlessly costing your cakes in a quick and easy way and is customisable to suit your business needs..

The GCD PRICING CALCULATOR is for you if you are a new/established cake business owner and

  • You want a quick and easy way to cost your cakes

  • You want a pricing calculator that can be modified to fit your unique cake business

  • You need help with apportioning all your costs

  • You want a ready made cake pricing tool

If you're nodding your head to any of these, the GCD PRICING CALCULATOR could be perfect for you. I've been where you are and I've created what I wish I'd had, back in the day. Let me tell you more about my Cake Costing Made Easy course because I'm really excited for you and think I can really help you save a lot of time costing your cakes. When you register for the course, you will IMMEDIATELY HAVE ACCESS TO A COPY OF THE GCD PRICING CALCULATOR TO DOWNLOAD. In addition, you will learn:
  • How the GCD Pricing Calculator Works

  • How to use the GCD Pricing Calculator

  • How to modify the GCD Pricing Calculator to fit your business

  • How to create your own pricing calculator

Why Listen to me?

Founder, Good Cake Day & GCD Academy

Chinelo Awa

I've done what you want to do so I'm really well placed to help you. My name is Chinelo Awa and since launching Good Cake Day in 2016, I've used the Double Your Cake Prices System to take my business from an expensive hobby where I was charging £30 for 6 inch cakes and making a loss to a successful business allowing me quit my 9-5 during COVID - 19. My pricing is unique to my business and my 6 inch cakes now range from £137 - £265. I attract good-fit customers to my business and customers have paid delivery fees over £100 to have my cakes delivered outside London. Someone even paid over £200 to have my cake delivered to Derby! I wish I had the Double Your Cake Prices System when I started Good Cake Day and want to teach YOU how to create a cake pricing strategy that is unique to YOUR business, attracts good-fit customers and allows you price your cakes with confidence. It's time for you to have the profitable high-end cake business you deserve.

Got Questions? Read this!

  • Is the Cake Costing Made Easy Course Right For Me?

    This course is for you if you are a cake business owner, who struggles with pricing your cakes and need an easy to use tool to help you cost your cakes in a seamless manner.

  • I want a comprehensive course on how to price my cakes for profit. Is the Cake Costing Made Easy course for me?

    If you want a comprehensive course on pricing your cakes, I would recommend my Pricing Your Cakes With Confidence course, which is a holistic course on pricing using my Double Your Cake Prices System. It also includes the GCD Pricing Calculator and all the modules in this course.

  • When Does The Course Start?

    Once your payment clears, you gain instant access to the course.

  • I don't live in the United Kingdom. Will the GCD Pricing Calculator work for me?

    Absolutely! I make UK references on the course but the GCD Pricing Calculator has universal application. Remember to change the currency to your local currency.

  • I just Launched My Cake Business, Will I Benefit From Using The GCD Pricing Calculator?

    Absolutely! The GCD Pricing Calculator is a tool I wish I had when I started Good Cake Day. It will help you cost your cakes in an easy and seamless way, which will help you start out on the right footing. If you want a comprehensive course on how to price your cakes, I suggest my Price Your Cakes with Confidence course.

  • I don't have a cake business. Will this work for me?

    Depending on the type of business you have, you may need to tweak the Pricing Calculator to suit your business. If in doubt, please email us at to discuss your unique situation.

Read what people have said about the GCD Pricing Calculator

Phenomenal Business Tool

Kenni Balogun, Deshilicious Treats

The GCD Pricing Calculator is a phenomenal business tool to use in terms of making sure you're maximising profit margins in your baking business. Its a super easy spreadsheet to use and trust me it breaks down every single cost put into producing a wonderful bake. Since I started using the GCD calculator, I have been able to price my bakes more confidently and charge my customers as such, which was always an area of concern for me. Thanks to GCD that's a worry of the past and I would recommend over and over again.

Really Easy to Use

Vivian Ebillah, Nomie's Kitchen

It's really easy to use and it's not just for cake pricing. I've used it for my entire business, where in addition to cakes, I make different tasty African dishes and the system works across board. Aside from getting my pricing right, I found that it also helped me focus on the value I offer my customers by working on portion control control and recipe development. It gets you to think deeply and delve into the granular details of your business operations.
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